Types Of House Paints

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It can be challenging to know where to begin when painting your home because there are so many options.

Listed here is a breakdown of some of the most common types of house paints available today for the aspley house painter in brisbane.

  1. Primer Paint

Although it technically isn’t painted, primer is essential for many painting projects, and you’ve likely seen it in the paint aisle of your local hardware store. That which you apply before all else is called a primer. Your paint will stay put, and your colour will be accurate if you use a primer before painting. Use the same base for the primer as the paint you’re painting over, whether it’s water- or oil-based.

  1. Oil-based and water-based paints for the exterior of your home

Oil-based paints are created with oil, while water-based paints are created with water. In general, oil-based paints are thicker, glossier, and require more time to dry than water-based paints.

Oil-based paints must be removed with harsh chemicals, whereas water-based paints can be removed without them.

  1. Exterior and Interior House Painting

Most Aspley house painters buy paint tinslabelled either interior or exterior. This is a list of places where the painting is most effective. There are two types of paints: water-based interior and oil-based exterior.

  1. Enamel paints

For their long-lasting properties, oil-based paints are sometimes referred to as enamel. In addition to gloss and semi-gloss, enamel paints can be found in various other finishes, such as satin and eggshell. It’s a problem with enamel paint that it fades over time.

  1. Using a Latex-based Paint

Even though the paint contains no latex, the term “latex paint” is used by Clayfield painter to describe water-based paint.

  1. Acrylic paints

For those who don’t want to get too technical, acrylic paint is another water-based paint that includes an acrylic binder. There are a variety of acrylic paints to choose from:

In contrast to popular belief, acrylic enamel paints are not a hybrid of oil and water-based mediums. The name is derived from the paint’s increased resistance to wear and tear.

Clayfield painter always checks the tin when buying acrylic paint because the name does not necessarily indicate that the paint is made of acrylic or latex.

  1. Specialty Paints for the Home

Additives can be added to any of the above kinds of house paints to give them a specific feature. Among them are:

  • Mold or mildew-resistant
  • Firefighting aids