How And When To Do Tag And Test

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tag and test in melbourne

In a nutshell, any gadget with a flexible cable and a removable plug that is not low voltage qualifies (not exceeding 50V). Extension leads, cord sets, and portable RCDs are examples of this type of equipment.

Electrical equipment can be divided into two categories:

  1. Kettles, irons, and toasters are class I appliances, which are earthed.
  2. In the second category are double insulated appliances, typically characterized by a symbol (a square within a square) or’ Double Insulated,’ such as most electric drills and hair dryers.

It’s important to note that new equipment does not need tag and test in Melbourne; instead, it only must be visually inspected and marked.

When should appliances be inspected and tagged, and how often should they be done?

The Australian Standards recommend specific test and tag frequencies depending on the type of environment in which the appliance is located. This is demonstrated in the AS 3760 Standard through ‘Table 4’, which explains the bare minimum need. This may vary from workplace to workplace depending on the particular risk assessment conducted.

Contact the experts and the concerned if you require further information on the test and tag industry, test and tag equipment, or any questions regarding Australian Standards.


What is a Portable Appliance Tester, and how does it work?

A portable appliance tester usually referred to as a PAT Tester or PAT, is the primary equipment used for electrical testing and labelling electrical and electronic appliances. When you test an electrical device to ensure that it is safe, it provides you with results indicating whether the appliance passed or failed the tests you performed on it.

Before purchasing an appliance tester, there are several elements to consider, such as determining how much money you want to spend (they range from $500 to $3000), how much functionality you’ll require, and what sort of features you want, among other things. In general, the more money you spend, the more money you receive. Portable appliance tester evaluations are readily available online, and you can quickly determine which tester is the best fit for your needs by reading the reviews of other testers.

It’s important to note that most electrical appliance problems or faults are discovered during the visual inspection of the electrical appliance, which is performed before you ever use your appliance tester for electrical testing the appliance.